Aaaand it’s gone! Or how the P2P lending platforms mysteriously vanish…

Aaaand it’s gone! Or how the P2P lending platforms mysteriously vanish...

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since my last post and, oh boy, so many things happened!

If you don’t know what I am talking about, then you’re in for a huge, huge surprise. 

In the last couple of months, hell went loose in the P2P lending industry and it really feels like the Wild West. 

So far Kuetzal and Envestio are clear scams. Grupeer seems to be the next in line, as unbelievable as it may sound, and there are a few others that have big red flags.

More than that, we live unreal pandemic times, as the whole world is paralyzed by a crazy virus with a weird name. Is as worse as it can get. This is literally the ultimate stress test for our P2P lending investments.

So you’ve got it, this post is about the state of the P2P lending industry, how I am affected, and what I will do moving forward.

Read on.

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Introducing the P2P Lending Monitor

Introducing the P2P Lending Monitor - Alerts and warnings of major P2P events

In this post we will discuss about the recent events in the P2P and crowdlending industry, how we can protect our investments and in what way the P2P Lending Monitor, a new tool I built, will help us do exactly that.

Yeah, I know, I really love my tools 🙂

Joke aside, I think this tool is awesome! It will help all of us stay updated and react quickly when needed to protect our P2P and crowdlending investments.

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Introducing the P2P Platforms Helper

Introducing P2P Platforms Helper - a tool to select the best P2P Lending Platforms in Europe

The last 3 months were really full for me, with increased work on my day to day job (talking about escaping the rat race…), a road trip around Greece and lots of learning in preparation for my first physical real estate investment (more on that in future posts).

And of course, building the tool I am going to show you in a few.

This is why you haven’t heard from me in a while.

But not to worry, I am here for the long run 🙂

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Mintos Loan Originators – Rules How to Choose the Best of Them

Mintos Loan Originators – Rules How to Choose the Best of Them

No matter if you are a new investor or someone with a little more experience, choosing Mintos loan originators is a painful process. And for good reasons.

When you have 60+ companies, from various countries, with different loan types and with so many other options to choose from is just overwhelming.

I know how it is. I felt that many times in the early days.

It was painful, and it took me a lot of time and many hours of research to figure it out.

But, I’ve made it!

And now I am happy to share all my learnings with you.

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Mintos Invest & Access Review (2019)

Mintos Invest and Access Review

Mintos recently launched Invest & Access, the most simple way to invest on the platform and withdraw money when you need them.

And as people asked about it, I thought is time for me to write an in-depth review.

I am sure that many of the savvy investors already have a strong opinion on Invest & Access, so this post will be more helpful for someone who just started with Mintos. However, I am pretty positive anyone can learn something from it.

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How to Invest 10.000 EUR in P2P? 15 Bloggers Reveal Their Best Ways!

How to Invest 10.000 EUR in P2P? 15 Bloggers Reveal Their Best Ways!

I decided to run an experiment so reached out to bloggers from the industry and asked them how to invest 10.000 EUR in P2P lending today if they would to have start all over again.

As this question gets asked a lot among new investors, I thought a post like this will serve them a good starting point. However, it will be equally useful for a more experienced investor to improve the platform allocation in their P2P portfolio. So I hope everyone will have something to learn from this.

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How Much Money You Should Invest in Peer-to-Peer Lending and Why?

How Much Money You Should Invest in Peer-to-Peer Lending and Why?

I am still amazed how people are often making a rushed decision to invest in P2P lending while having no idea how much money is enough. They don’t fully understand in what they are getting into.

My goal is to try change that mindset.

Before investing in peer-to-peer there has to be a clear decision making process.

You’ll have to consider P2P as a part of a broader investment portfolio, along with stocks and bonds. You can’t be 100% invested in P2P.

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Mintos Review 2019 – the Best Tips & How to Get Started

Mintos Review 2019 - The Best Tips & How to Get Started

In this new article I am going to review Mintos and teach you how to get started.

We will understand why is the best platform to start your P2P lending investments. You will learn the basics, but not just that. I will also share tips and tricks from my own experience so you’ll be up to a really good start.

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How to Transfer Money to Mintos with Revolut for Free – a Step-by-Step Guide

How to send money to Mintos with Revolut for free

In this post we are going to discuss how to easily transfer money to Mintos, and in general to any peer to peer platform at no cost.

This part can be complicated and intimidating, just because traditional banks are very expensive when it comes to international transfers.

Can you imagine paying 15 EUR (the minimum fee) for every single transfer? You’ve got it right, is not a joke. That’s exactly how much money I have to pay! Crazy, right?

That alone is a deal breaker for most people who are trying to invest in P2P. Diversification among platforms is really important so you need to find ways to cut down on fees.

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