Last updated: September 1, 2019

Current portfolio value 473€
Total interest since start 23€
Monthly cashflow 5€
Annualized return since start 13,83%
Current loans 100%
Start date Apr 1, 2019

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Projects in my Crowdestor portfolio

Project NameInterest RateInvestmentDateStatus
Biomass boiler house18,5%52,15€27 May 2019Active
Increase of fleet with gas-powered IVECO16%50,83€08 May 2019Active
Luxury Yacht Rental19,5%50€17 Apr 2019Active
INCH²18%200€05 Apr 2019Active
Apartment building in Jurmala12%100€01 Apr 2019Active

Portfolio value

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Monthly cashflow

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Current loans

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Deposits and withdrawals

Deposits are with blue and withdrawals are with red. For making things easy to understand, I skipped the months where there were no transactions.

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