Do We Really Wanna Win the Lottery?

Do We Really Wanna Win the Lottery?

It’s a question most of you won’t even blink and answer a big YES.

But why questioning this? Are you drunk or something, Marius??

No, not really 🙂 My point is to try to understand what truly makes us happy, and how money can affect our lives, for the better or worse.

Winning such a big amount of money will be a shock for anyone. You most probably won’t know how to manage them in a smart way, so you’ll just default to desires.

You see, the human nature makes us always crave for things we don’t have and dream about. You’ll always want latest phone, better car, bigger house and so on.

Winning the lottery will enable us to do exactly that, effortlessly, and you would think that would make us happy indefinitely and never have to worry about anything. In fact, is the other way around. That will make us forget what true happiness means.

Sure, it will certainly be awesome for a while, but not for long. Maybe a year or two.

But then what?

You already have the greatest of the great. The best money can buy. What can you possibly do next? Go the Mars? Maybe 🙂

No, I’m telling you, that won’t work, and will make you miserable. After some time you’ll get depressed, without a purpose in life, no goals, and maybe with some guilt sentiment of why you?

I am not making this up, so don’t trust me. You should trust yourself, because I’m sure you have experienced this already, but on a smaller scale.

You got a raise, you felt happy. For a week. Then you got used to it, and you got back to previous state. Or you just purchased a new phone, laptop, whatever. You were extremely excited, but it didn’t last. You went back to your previous state. Over and over again. Same story. Ups and downs.

Understand what I mean? I encourage you to watch this video to better understand what I am saying.

There is a high chance winning the lottery will screw up your life big time, IF you’re not prepared, and I’m sure you won’t be, right? Because you don’t expect to win…

You think you’re different and this can’t happen to you? Think again!

It happened to people who you would think they know what they are doing like Hollywood celebrities, top athletes, music stars (Selena Gomez, Avicii, just to name a few), and so on. They all earned money very fast and that has completely messed up their lives. Some of them chose to even end their lives.

Another side of the story is that everyone will suddenly become your “friend”. They will want in a way or other a piece of it. Sure, you will be willing and wanting to help your close ones, but where you will draw the line? It’s complicated to navigate relationships in such an event. For whatever reason, they will feel more entitled to ask for a favour if you won the lottery compared if you earned your money the hard way. So you will do the natural thing and try to stay aside and don’t interact that much with them.

Some would argue against all of the above. Why wouldn’t you be happy, and enjoy life? You actually have all the money you could have ever wished!

Because it was never about money.

I will let that sink in.

It never was about winning the lottery, gambling or even about inheriting a lump sum of money. That’s just a distraction.

What’s the purpose of purchasing a tons of things if those would only make you feel good just for a while?

What’s the purpose of having a shit-tons of money if that will make you loose all your friends?

What’s the purpose of having a crazy amount of money in your bank account if you didn’t felt the joy, accomplishment, and happiness of earning your first million?

And wouldn’t you prefer to learn how to earn that first million from scratch, rather than hitting the Jackpot? That would actually be your Jackpot – the knowledge of how to earn, multiply and manage money.

There are rich people who are happy and others who aren’t. The happy ones understand and know that is not about the destination, is about how you got there, it’s about the journey. The road to success is the one that will bring you happiness in the end. You will get the sentiment of achieving something on your own, of feeling accomplished.

In order to be happy you need to have a goal, a purpose, to fight for a cause, to crave for something that goes beyond material things.

Think about it.

That means there is a high chance you don’t have to win the lottery to enjoy a great life.

Wait, what?

Yeah, in the end it’s all about the mindset.

Having the appropriate mindset will enable us to do the right things, make the good decisions and better handle any money related situations we might be in, whether is about a ridiculous amount of money or just your humble paycheque.

We need to think beyond material things and understand what will keep us happy in the long run. We should spend money on experiences not things. Experiences create great memories that you’re going to relish over the years.

So asking ourselves again, do we really want to win the lottery jackpot?

Probably yes, but with the right mindset. 

As Mrs I. likes to say it, in a very pragmatic way, winning the lottery will be a shortcut and will enable us to do greater things, much faster. I like that, and I agree with her in the end.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where money are the necessary evil, but as soon as you understand they are only a tool in achieving your big dreams, you’re all set for a great life.

You don’t need, and most certainly, don’t wait to win the Jackpot. As they say, you’re more likely to be struck by lighting than winning the lottery.

I’ll be honest, and admit that probably things wouldn’t be that bad if you won more money that you will ever need. But I wanted to make a point. You need to change the way you think about money. Change your mindset, and with hard work and dedication you’re going to have a successful and happy life, no matter if you get lucky or not.

So tell me what do you think? Is it really worth winning a ridiculous amount of money? Do you have what you need to be able to manage all of that, so you end up better not worse? Feel free to drop in your thoughts in the comments section below.

Until next time,

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