Last updated: December 1st, 2019

Current portfolio value 804€
Total interest since start 104€
Monthly cashflow 15€
Annualized return since start 19,75%
Current loans 100%
Start date Feb 6, 2019

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Projects in my Envestio portfolio

Project NameInterest RateInvestmentDateStatus
Vikingu 76a, Jurmala17,9%51,16€20 Nov 2019Active
Power Plant Factoring/Development – phase 1 16,2%6,86€13 Nov 2019Active
Financing of refurbishment of hostel – Mezaparks, Riga19%25,42€07 Nov 2019Active
Spare parts wholesale company financing – part 118,5%20€23 Oct 2019Active
Fruits wholesale – factoring 1216,5%6,08€18 Sep 2019Active
Development of a large dolomite deposit – tier 117,5%105,48€10 Sep 2019Active
Financing the construction of Briana 4 residential – part 318%6,43€20 Aug 2019Active
Fashion wholesale company financing17,3%24,80€06 Aug 2019Active
Financing the construction of Briana 4 residential – part 218%2,26€16 Jul 2019Active
Financing the construction of Briana 4 residential18%63,19€27 Jul 2019Active
Financing of opening a mixed hotel / hostel project in Old Riga19%30€29 May 2019Active
Import of construction materials and furniture – trade financing18,15%50€15 May 2019Paid
Production of wood pallets – trade financing 416%30€23 Apr 2019Active
Fish processing for export market expansion – 518%20€03 Apr 2019Paid
Production of sawn timber – part 416,75%20€19 Mar 2019Paid
Urban mining – tier 1516%20€19 Mar 2019Paid
Aluminium production / industrial recycling – tier 217,80%104,10€12 Mar 2019Active
Fruits wholesale – factoring 917,25%100,94€01 Mar 2019Paid
Power plant factoring / development phase 116,2%200€11 Feb 2019Active
Oil product terminal rent tier 215%105€07 Feb 2019Active

Portfolio value

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Monthly cashflow

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Current loans

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Deposits and withdrawals

Deposits are with blue and withdrawals are with red. For making things easy to understand, I skipped the months where there were no transactions.

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