Mintos Invest & Access Review (2019)

Mintos Invest and Access Review

Mintos recently launched Invest & Access, the most simple way to invest on the platform and withdraw money when you need them.

And as people asked about it, I thought is time for me to write an in-depth review.

I am sure that many of the savvy investors already have a strong opinion on Invest & Access, so this post will be more helpful for someone who just started with Mintos. However, I am pretty positive anyone can learn something from it.

Alright, let’s get started!

What is Invest & Access?

Mintos Invest & Access - Earn high returns easily

Is a new fully automated way of investing money with Mintos.

It is very simple to use.

You just have to select the amount you want to invest, and that’s really it. Once enabled, you’ll get a diversified portfolio of loans across countries and loan originators.

You’ll earn interest which gets automatically reinvested in new loans, so your money can work continuously and earn even more interest.

And the best part?

You can liquidate your investment at any time!

There is a minimum required amount of 500 EUR to start with. You can’t create an Invest & Access portfolio with anything below.

There is a maximum amount as well of 100.000 EUR, however, for such big amounts, you should actually take the time and use Auto Invest strategies where you have better control.

If you do decide to use Invest & Access, is probably better to start with a higher amount, as it will help with diversification. Anything above 2.000 EUR – 3.000 EUR will be much better. Update July 26, 2019: If you read the whole article you’ll see that (at least for now) Invest & Access is not doing a great job with diversification, even if you invest higher amounts like 10.000 EUR.

Invest & Access only invests in loans with a rating of A+ to C- and buyback guarantee. In addition, it only buys loans from lending companies that have been on the marketplace for at least 6 months.

That’s good to know, it offers us a little bit of protection against new loan originators, with no history on the market, but would have been better to have more control.

3 reasons to use Invest & Access

There are a few good reasons to use Invest & Access, and it makes even more sense when you’re new to Mintos and P2P lending in general.

Let’s go through all of them one by one.

Reason #1 – removes the hassle of investing by making it very simple to use

There is a learning curve to start investing with Mintos. For new investors that is overwhelming and some of them can even back out.

So they launched Invest & Access to resolve this problem.

You won’t have to worry about loans and their types. You won’t have to care about loan originators, which one to choose and how much money to put on each one. And you don’t have to think about rebalancing your portfolio from time to time.

All of this is handled automatically by Mintos.

They truly managed to make it like a set and forget it kind of thing.

Reason #2 – provides instant liquidity to investors

The second problem they are tackling with Invest & Access is liquidity.

How quickly you can convert your investments to cash?

Invest & Access will resolve this problem for you as well. You will be able to withdraw your money at any time. And you can do that at no additional cost.

You just tell Mintos how much you want to cash out from Invest & Access (the full amount or just partially). Then, they will automatically sell loans of your portfolio to other investors who use Invest & Access and credit the money to your account. You’ll usually get your money instantly, depending on market demand.

Reason #3 – invests ahead of pack

Probably one of the biggest advantage of using Invest & Access is that it gets access to new loans ahead of Auto Invest or manual investing.

This means that loans are being made available to Invest & Access first and what’s left is being listed on the primary market for everyone else.

This alone has worried me and many other savvy investors. If all the good loans are being picked up by Invest & Access then there is nothing left for the Auto Invest strategies.

In practice, so far, things aren’t like that. There is still enough for everyone. Will see what happens next.

Reason #4 – allows great diversification

Diversification is all about managing risk smartly, and that’s what Invest & Access is trying to do.

They will spread your money across many loan originators which should help reduce the risk.

If one or two loan originators goes bust, it won’t be a major hit, when you’re invested in 20 or more others.

Invest & Access will ensure good diversification by rebalancing your portfolio daily.

Update July 23, 2019: One of my readers pointed out in the comments that Invest and Access doesn’t offer good diversification. I’ve mentioned it above as well, but to achieve great diversification you need to invest at least 2.000 – 3.000 EUR using Invest & Access (Mintos recommends 500 EUR). Otherwise, there won’t be enough money for a good balance, and you end up overexposing yourself on some loan originators.

Update July 26, 2019: Another update on this topic. I invite you to take a look at Kristaps’ comment here. He was kind enough to share with us diversification settings for his 10.000 EUR Invest & Access portfolio. And things aren’t looking good at all.

The first 3 loan originators take 50% of his portfolio. That’s not great diversification at all, and I am disappointed to see that.

As for my Invest & Access portfolio, things are slightly better, but still first 3 take 40%. I don’t consider this a problem, as I have only 200 EUR invested, but probably things will be the same for me as well, if I would increase the amount.

Anyway, after all of this, I can’t say diversification is good a reason to use Invest & Access, as Mintos advertises it. Maybe this is just a temporary glitch, and things will be better later on.

The reality is that we don’t know, and we can’t control it. Probably this is the biggest take away from all of this, that we don’t have control.

What’s the catch?

As with everything, there are some things you should be aware.

Trading control over simplicity

When using Invest & Access you are basically giving up control of your money and let some algorithm make decisions for you.

I am sure majority of people will be fine with that.

However, some will not.

I don’t imagine savvy investors using Invest & Access, so they don’t have the control of choosing the loan types and loan originators they invest in.

Yes, there is more work.

But for some that is worth it.

If they do their job right, they will have a more safer portfolio. At least that will be the goal anyway: to eliminate all the loan originators that they don’t feel comfortable with. There is also a chance of higher returns.

Instant liquidity up to a point

As Mintos explains it, with any transaction, Invest & Access needs a buying side – your loans will sell to other investors. If there’s no demand on the market, selling might take a little longer.

What that means?

In normal market conditions all will be good, you won’t have problems.

But, if something goes wrong, like say, a few loan originators will default, I am sure investors will get scared and the demand will drop.

So there is a high chance you won’t be able to cash out in that situation. Not easily, anyway.

Read more here on what Mintos has to say about normal market conditions.

If you really want to understand more about how peer-to-peer lending might behave in a recession you can read this post here.

And one more thing to note.

Even in normal market conditions, you will only be able to withdraw the current loans, and you will still be stuck with late loans.

Expect anything between 20% and 30% of your portfolio to be late.

You can get your money on the late loans when they recover or buyback kicks in. Or you can also sell them on the secondary market (most probably with a discount).

How much I can earn with Invest & Access?

As of right now they advertise average returns of 12,66%.

I am sure this number will fluctuate a lot in the future, so don’t take it for granted.

But, honestly speaking, that is a little bit misleading. They do have a sort of disclaimer saying this: “Weighted average of available loans, your portfolio returns can be higher or lower.”

In reality I think returns will be lower. But probably not a lot, maybe 1% – 2% lower.

The reason is that Invest & Access buys loans also from loan originators that don’t provide interest income on delayed payments.

In any way, I think returns are quite awesome, knowing that you don’t have to do much to achieve that.

Comparing ways of investing with Mintos

Take a look at this comparison table Mintos provided to us for better understanding the differences between the 3 ways of investing.

Compare ways of investing with Mintos

When to use Invest & Access?

I can see three main cases where Invest & Access would be very useful.

Case #1 – if you are a new investor

If you are a new investor and you don’t know much about Mintos, and you’re also new to the P2P lending world, then starting with Invest & Access is the way to go.

At the same time, I recommend doing some manual investments as well.

The point is for you to get hands down and just understand the whole thing better, while Invest & Access is already generating good returns. You’ll understand how a loan works, what happens when it goes late, grace periods, and so on.

Manual investments do that.

Once you have a strong level of confidence you can also jump and experiment with Auto Invest. The purpose of using Auto Invest is to consolidate your portfolio and maximize returns.

You will end up not using Invest & Access anymore, or using it along with Auto Invest.

Case #2 – if you don’t have time or rather a small portfolio size

I find myself spending a lot of time on Mintos to tweak the Auto Invest settings, or even do some manual investments from time to time.

It’s indeed quite some work.

But I enjoy it, and anyway I have to do this to make sure I am up to speed with whatever changes Mintos does, to keep this blog updated.

Manual investments, and even Auto Invest requires you to spend a few hours a month or so.

If you don’t afford that, and you would rather have Mintos manage your investments, then Invest & Access is perfect for you.

On the other hand, we can also take a look at the size of your portfolio.

If is small enough, then even if you have some time, it might not worth using Auto Invest for some extra euros.

In the end, it all depends on you and how you relate to it.

Case #3 – if you want to park money short term

And the last situation where I would see Invest & Access somehow useful, is when you have money that you just want to temporarily park them and get some good interest. I said temporarily, as eventually you will need to cash them out in a couple of months.

I actually thought twice before adding this to not enforce this idea. But I said to myself is better to raise awareness, than not say anything. Here is why.

Mintos is NOT a bank!

I can see how people would think that, but please remember that Mintos is not bank.

You’re money are not guaranteed like in a bank savings account, and things can go wrong.

Peer-to-peer lending is a high risk investment, and there are cases where you can lose your money. Read more about risks here.

So while you can temporarily park them on Mintos for higher returns, just remember the risks are also greater.

And one more thing to take into consideration.

If you park 1.000 EUR now, and you need the same 1.000 EUR in 3 months, remember that you won’t be able to cash out the full 1.000 EUR, due to grace and late loans.

So it’s advisable to take a buffer of around 30% when you just want to temporarily keep some money invested in Mintos.

How to set up Mintos Invest & Access?

Finally, if you decided to give Invest & Access a go, here is a mini guide on how to set it up. Not that you actually need it, as is quite simple, but there are a few things worth mentioning.

First of all, you need a Mintos account.

If you don’t have one, you can create an account using my affiliate link and will be an easy way for you to support the maintenance of this blog.

and you’ll also get 0.5% bonus for all investments made in the first 90 days.

Feel free to check out my full Mintos review if you want to learn more about Mintos in general.

Investing using Invest & Access

Once you have an account, click on the Invest menu option from the top, and you will land right away on the Invest & Access page.

From there, things are pretty straightforward. You need to enter the amount of your Invest & Access portfolio and then hit Invest button.

Mintos Invest & Access - create portfolio screen
Invest & Access – create portfolio screen

And that’s really it.

Now you’ll have to wait a few minutes until Mintos creates your portfolio.

Once is done, you will be able to see in which loan originators it invested and how much.

You’ll also see the average interest rate (not your portfolio return!) and the average term for your loans.

It also shows the percentage of current and late + grace period loans.

Invest & Access - portfolio screen
Invest & Access – portfolio screen

Few things to be aware:

  1. Invest & Access stops investing your balance when it reaches your portfolio limit. To invest more money, increase the limit. In my screenshot above, it has not reached the limit yet.
  2. Invest & Access buys loan fractions of EUR 10 or more. If your account balance is less than EUR 10, it won’t be invested.
  3. (Added July 26, 2019) It seems like Invest & Access will invest in late loans as well? Check out this Facebook post on Mintos Fellows group, which I recommend you to join before making any investment.

And here is how Invest & Access has invested across 14 lending companies in 18 loans. From a diversification perspective, it’s pretty good. For higher amounts, this will be a lot better.

Invest & Access - diversification across loan originators
Invest & Access – diversification across loan originators

Cash out from Invest & Access

When it comes to cashing out, is very easy to do. There is a Cash out button, that when you click on it will open a popup like the one below.

Cash out screen
Invest & Access – cash out screen

You will be able to cash out the full amount, or just partially. The minimum amount you can cash out is 10 EUR.

Remember that you won’t be able to cash out loans with late + grace period and you need to wait until they are repaid or buyback kicks in.

You can also sell them manually on the secondary market.

Here is how you can easily do that.

Navigate to My Investments menu option, and from the left side, check Invest & Access on the Auto Invest / Manual investment filter. This will show all the loans that have been invested through Invest & Access portfolio.

Next, using the Status filter, select everything except Current. This will only show up loans that are late or in grace period.

From here, things are very simple. You can click Sell All button to list them on the secondary market. Note, that you may need to add a small discount, to actually be able to sell them.

Watch a video of the whole set up process

If you prefer to watch the whole process on setting up Invest & Access, my fellow blogger, Angelo (from, made this awesome video.

As a conclusion

I believe Invest & Access is a step forward to make peer to peer lending investments more accessible and easier to manage.

It definitely removes the challenges new investors face when getting started, and opens new possibilities for all us.

In the end, I think is up to everyone to decide what’s best for them.

As for me, I will stick to keep using Auto Invest, and from time to time, manual investments, just because I enjoy it more and it also provides me the control I want.

No Mintos account? Sign up now!

with a 0.5% bonus!

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Share your opinion

New investors, what do you think about Invest & Access?

Will it be a good match for you?

Or you think you would rather go with Auto Invest and manual investments?

What ever you think, feel free to leave a comment in the section below or vote.

4.6 stars (5 votes)

Until next time,

This was post #8 of the best and most practical step-by-step guide for peer-to-peer lending investments in Europe.

I will teach you how to get started, what are the best platforms, which ones to avoid, give you the best tips and tricks, share my mistakes, and so much more.

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  1. Hi Thanks for this.
    I have joined the Mintos FB group.
    I am in New Zealand,so at the moment cannot join ,but looking to learn more.
    I am in a few P 2 P in New Zealand and making 13% or so on my Harmoney lending platform in New Zealand and a few property lending ones.


    1. Hi Terry, thank you for stopping by!

      As far as I saw in Mintos FAQ, they say that to be able to create a Mintos account you need to “have a bank account in the European Union or third countries currently considered to have AML/CFT systems equivalent to the EU”.

      Potentially, you could create a bank account some where in EU, for example Paysera, and you might be good to go. I am not sure if Paysera will accept you as client, though. Anyway, just some quick thoughts, so don’t take this as granted, as not sure if it will work.

      On another note, glad to hear you’re already investing in P2P in New Zealand!

      If you need any help with P2P lending, feel free to reach out to me.


  2. Both Mintos and yourself market this I&A solution as having good diversification, but the reality is – Mintos does not care about investor diversification, only on splitting the money across all their loans. That can be seen in your portfolio as well – if top 2 companies go bust, you will loose 30% of your money. Is that a good diversification? Not really.

    1. Hi Kristaps,

      I agree on the fact that there is a fine line here when it comes to diversification. In fact, I updated that section in the article to make it a little bit more clear.

      I believe you can achieve good diversification if you invest enough money with Invest & Access. In my screenshots I only have 210 EUR invested, which is not even the minimum Mintos recommends (500 EUR) for exact same reason, good diversification.

      However, I did mentioned in other parts of the article that you need to invest at least 2.000 – 3.000 EUR through Invest & Access for diversification purposes.

      On another note, my main method to invest with Mintos is Auto Invest. I definitely use it for the control it provides and the chance that gives me to reduce risks. And this is the recommended method to use if someone has the time to manage it. I did my best to make sure people understand this from my post.


        1. Thank you for sharing that.

          Yeah, indeed, is a little disappointing. I will change the post again to reflect this. I will definitely keep an eye on this, and see if it will perform better in the future, but right now things don’t look that good from this perspective for Invest & Access. As always, the devil is in the details.

          Thank you again, Kristaps, I really appreciate comments like this 😉

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