Last updated: September 1, 2020

Current portfolio value 1.498€
Total interest since start 1.162€
Monthly cashflow 14€
Annualized return since start 11,85%
Current loans 80,60%
Start date Sep 5, 2017

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This is a section with personal updates for Mintos. For news on Mintos (or any other platform) that may impact your investment strategy go to the P2P Lending Monitor.

Added 500€ to Mintos

August 27, 2019

I took 500€ out of Grupeer and invested all in Mintos. As I have some rather aggressive Auto Invest settings in Grupeer, that resulted in a little bit of cash drag. I figured out this is a good opportunity for me to re-balance my P2P portfolio, as I am too much exposed on Grupeer.

Reduced Mintos exposure due to P2P portfolio downsize

August, 2018

I made a downsize for my entire P2P portfolio as I figured out I had too much money invested for my risk profile (20% of my investments money). What can I say? I was overly excited at the beginning and that made me pour more money than I should have. My target is to have only 10% of my entire portfolio invested in P2P lending.

Visit the P2P Lending Monitor for updates on Mintos and other platforms.

My reviews

Mintos Helper

Mintos Helper it's a tool to filter out Mintos loan originators by loan type, ratings, % of current loans, average interest, grace period and so on.

If you plan to do manual investments or use Auto Invest, then I really recommend using it. It helped me go from around 75% current loans (sometimes even lower) to 85-90%, which is huge.

Sign up for Mintos

Mintos sign up bonus

You can create a Mintos account using the button below.

Create a Mintos account using the button below and get 0.5% bonus for all investments made in the first 90 days. This is an affiliate link and it will be an easy way for you to support this blog.

Yes, I will make money too! It's a classic win-win situation.

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Monthly cashflow

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Deposits and withdrawals

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